What is Systems Engineering?

Systems Engineering is a multidisciplinary approach used for complex projects, which guides you through the entire product development process, from the initial idea to the final approval and production.

This approach allows organisations to work together efficiently and reliably to successfully complete complex projects.

Ideation and product definition

Concept development

Design and development

Validation and testing


EES Solutions Engineering boasts a wealth of experience in creating new vehicle features, supported by our one-of-a-kind Systems Engineering framework.

EES Solutions developed a Systems Engineering Toolkit for the first time, as a focused effort was needed due to time constraints. Our research discovered that over 80% of design flaws could be traced back to a vaguely defined concept.

The most significant impact on effective product design can be made during the requirement capture stage of the design lifecycle. We’ve broken down this intricate process into manageable steps within our programme.

Our system encourages a solid and organised approach to systems development, using a combination of processes, methods, tools, and templates. This enables engineers to first understand the needs and then manage and develop a solution throughout its entire life cycle. Traceability and controlled change management lie at the heart of our approach.

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