With vast experience in mechanical and automotive engineering, our team can provide the insights you need for success. Our expert consultants can assist you with all aspects of a new project or help modernise your current infrastructure.

Our wide range of expertise will ensure your new project begins on the right path and achieves commercial and operational success. We use the latest automotive technology and innovative automotive engineering solutions to support you from the initial planning process to integrating new systems into your infrastructure.


We provide complete project management, design, and development services for the defence industry, as well as in-depth testing and verification for your systems and products.

Our team helps in acquiring essential certifications and efficiently manages your supply chain. Additionally, we offer clear and extensive technical documentation to cater to your project requirements.


Leveraging our vast consulting expertise and cutting-edge transport technology, we offer innovative solutions in rail systems architecture and transport modernisation. Our team covers a wide range of areas, from rail electrification to network signalling and train control systems, creating the perfect plan for your next transport upgrade.

We’ll collaborate with your team to enhance the efficiency and performance of your existing rail infrastructure and rolling stock. As we work closely with you and your team, we’ll help you execute your vital programmes and achieve long-term value from your investments.


Our aviation engineering services provide you with consultants who grasp the intricacies of the industry. In a fast-paced, changing world, your aviation technologies must not only manage the present circumstances but also adapt to future demands.

Thanks to our in-depth systems engineering expertise, we can serve as aviation consultants, positioning us among the leading aerospace engineering firms with the foresight you require.


EES Solutions is here to support you in enhancing your capabilities and embracing new technologies to tackle the evolving maritime industry’s challenges. We’ll assist your business in achieving success in a digital, virtual world, offering tailored engineering solutions and recruitment in marine technology and marine architecture.

As expert consultants in systems engineering, innovation, and technology, we can apply our knowledge to maritime engineering. Our engineering experience will aid in resolving maritime transportation system issues.

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